Same Day Repairs
Same Day Repairs
Warranty Provided
Warranty Provided
Certified Technicians
Certified Technicians

Samsung Galaxy Repair

Samsung Galaxy RepairFor years, we have been dedicated to serving our customers and providing top quality Samsung phone repairs. We strive to give every client the most friendly, helpful and professional service possible. We are a local repair shop located in New York City and we offer mail in services to our customers. Send us your damaged Samsung phone or tablet and we will get it back to you quickly and in proper working order. We have some of the fastest turn around available. Most repairs are done within the hour.

As an extra service, we buy old Samsung Galaxy models that our customers want to sell. We buy phones with cracked screens or other damaged parts, so if you don't want to fix it then just sell it to us. Whether the phone does not work or is only a month old, we are willing to pay you a fair price for it. We accept Samsung models from various carriers and network providers.

OEM quality Parts and Certified Technicians

We employ only the best properly qualified technicians. Our certified repair specialists each have years of experience fixing Samsung mobile phones and tablets. To aid in delivering a superior repair, we provide our technicians with the best equipment and replacement parts available. We proudly use OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, parts. These pieces are tested according to Samsung specifications, which mean they will fit better and last longer than off-brand materials.

Galaxy Screen Replacement & more

At our local shop, we offer the full gambit of repairs and replacements. Our certified technicians can repair and replace many parts of a phone or tablet including the LCD, screen and headphone jack. Company specialists know how to troubleshoot symptoms to find the exact problem. This saves on repair time and cost to the customer. We use OEM quality parts, which ensures compatibility and increases the devices overall life. Additionally, our professionals can replace screens with either LOCA glue or adhesive options. We will provide whatever the client prefers.

Below are parts we frequently fix:

  • Symptom Troubleshooting
  • Battery replacement
  • Home Button
  • Lock Button
  • Power Button
  • Headphone Jack
  • Speaker, Microphone
  • Earpiece
  • Front and/or Rear Camera
  • Water Damage
  • Shattered, Cracked or Scratched Screen Repair and Replacemen

Warranties and Fast Service

For every repair we complete, we offer a warranty to all of our customers. This covers the parts used for replacements against manufacturer error and related malfunctions. We do not cover things such as water damage or dropping your phone or tablet. However, if the new LCD, screen or power button is not performing at 100 percent, feel free to contact us. We are particularly dedicated to fast service. Even our longest repairs only take an hour and a half to complete. Most repairs take from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.


"Fixed S5 Shattered Screen Perfectly! My screen was absolutely SHATTERED. I briefly considered DIY but the prices and the mail in option sold me. I live about 40 minutes away from the nearest repair shop, so I really didn't want to waste the gas and time on a simple screen fix. Turns out my LCD was damaged too. These guys fixed my phone right up and consulted with me before replacing the extra part and raising my bill."
- George Shapiro, Durham, NC

"Front Camera Working Again My daughter dropped her S5 and the front camera stopped working. She was very upset, because you know how teens are with social media. I found this mail in service and I was able to get her phone back to her before she even noticed. She hasn't had any problems since."
- Amber Haverty, Green Bay, WI

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